Daily Activities



Every Monday one of the teachers will bake bread during the activity time. Many children will want to join in with the activity, so they sit at the table and bake their own little bun, while the teachers bake the bread for the kindergarten snacks. Later on that morning, the children’s buns will be baked in the clay oven out in the garden.


Baking bread helps the children to appreciate their daily bread, gives them a feeling for the process involved, mixing the flour with yeast, kneeding the dough, baking the dough, smelling the freshly baked bread and finally eating the delicious bun.



We paint with watercolours and wet paper, which helps the colours to flow and merge. This creates beautiful unexpected pictures. The children learn to handle the paint brush and to mix the colours so that they achieve the shades of paint, which they are looking for.



The main sewing project is a sewing bag, made of hessian material, embroidered, and then lined with felt material. Working on the sewing bag is a much-loved activity. It satisfies the children’s need for progression beauty and purpose.


The children grow into proficient sewers, able to thread a needle and make small stitches. Apart from their own satisfaction, it will help the children’s fine motor skill and support their developing awareness of creative design



In drawing the children use block crayons, made of beeswax. After the age of five, the children will also use crayon sticks, which will help the grip, which will be of benefit, when they need to write, once they have gone to school. Drawing is a creative activity, the children are left free to draw where their imagination takes them.

Seasonal Crafts


We aim to make some article for each of the festivals, which we celebrate with the children, something beautiful for Christmas, a candle holder or star, something for Spring, a flower fairy or painted egg, an item for midsummer, a golden streamer or a crown with flowers. These items help to mark the time of year and to support the meaning of the festival.